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October 7, 2019


Ok! so the time has FINALLY come you guys. I’m going to give you a tour of mine and Cameron’s “Foxx Den”. We moved here towards the end of April this year so just finally getting settled in. Between our trips this Summer and shooting content, it’s been a long process which has driven me crazy because I’m the type of person that likes things to be put together right away so the fact that it’s taken months to get everything set up has been a little bit of a struggle/blessing for my nerves. haha! it’s definitely taught me patience in more ways than one but we finally got here and we couldn’t be more proud of our space together. 


I’m going to share with you some pics of what the place looked like when we first moved in because I think that’s how you can best tell how far the space has come. I actually forgot that we took some before pictures till I put all the after photos on here and was like “Oh Crap!”. haha!. it’s crazy seeing the transformation from start to finish but it makes me so proud of what we’ve been able to get done. 


Without further adieu…welcome to “The Foxx Den”. Please keep all hands and feet secure in the upright position as we ascend on this tour.


 As I said before, Cameron and I moved to this new space in Franklin, TN the end of April. It was such a giant step in our relationship. We had been together for about a year at this point and we both new we were ready to take the next step in our relationship and merge our lives together. He had been living in a studio apt. in downtown Nashville that was roughly 700 sq. ft. It literally was the cutest little place that we made as cozy as possible.


I was living in East Nashville in a townhouse with 3 of my friends one whom I had grown up with back in Alabama and the others who I got to know over the years. After dating for roughly a year, Cameron and I knew we were ready for the next step in our relationship and wanted to create a space that was our own and a place that we could have family and friends come over and stay when they were in town. Both our families have been here already. Cameron’s family has been here twice and mine once and planning on coming up the end of the month for Pumpkinfest here in Franklin so it’s definitely served it’s purpose. 


So we loaded up our U-haul in both our spaces and hauled tail to Franklin, TN. Now you may be asking why did you move from Nashville to Franklin. Well…although we love the hustle and bustle of Nashville, we found ourselves in Franklin almost every weekend going to our favorite coffee house and exploring and enjoying the quaint little town. We liked that it was only 15 min. outside the city so it was a good mix of small town and busy city elements.


You can see the open space once you walk in the front door. It was very basic but I had a vision for the space and wanted to make it feel like home. It’s so funny because it was almost like a premonition that I could see the end result before I even stepped foot in the door. 


My vision for the kitchen and living room space was to keep things open, airy and light. The bedrooms were going to be a bit on the darker side for added coziness so wanted to have an element of our overall space that was light and open. With all the natural light that comes through it was a great decision to keep it bright. 


 The living room I wanted to bring that lived in, Nancy Meyers feel into the space which I knew was going to be accomplished by layered rugs, bright fabrics and pops of color. The sofa we got from Ikea and is the most comfortable sofa. Best of all it’s a slipcover sofa so washing it is super easy. Since it’s now Autumn I brought in pops of harvest with throw pillows and blankets from Target and Pottery Barn.


The coffee table I wanted a white marble table because it reflects light so well brightening up the space even more. I added a few of our favorite coffee table books, antique vase with autumn florals and candles.


Keeping it on the masculine side, I incorporated 2 leather club chairs with a cashmere tartan throw from Williams Sonoma Home. 


For the rugs I incorporated an outdoor jute rug which is super durable and the color is perfect for our space. I layered it with an antique Persian rug from 1910 from my friends at @Lonesomepinehome.


 You guys want some cookies??? These are literally the BEST sugar cookies EVER!!! not just saying that because I made them. Lol!

  As far as the kitchen goes I wanted to continue that homey vibe by incorporating different pieces into the space. The island is probably one of my favorite pieces and has gotten a LOT of use. Its rustic natural wood elements bring in that touch of a French/European flare. I like to keep fresh baked goods and frutis on top for a quick treat on the go. 


On the opposite side I wanted to have a great space for storage but also something that was pleasing to the eye and provided some sort of light at night. I purchased these 2 book shelves from Ikea that we have turned into extra storage for dishes, art, antiques etc. Atop are lights that give off a great ambiance at night when lit that is perfect in creating a cozy vibe when the sun has set. To add height to the storage we put some of my art pieces, a vase of eucalyptus and a map of Franklin to give it a touch of home. a few antique photos and wooden art sculptures finish off the wall. 

We also recently added a small, functional and affordable table from Realrooms. The element of black adds a nice contrast to the space between the kitchen and living room.


I always have a touch of greenery in my kitchen space so I purchased these cute topiaries from @JJashley in downtown Franklin (a lot of pieces we have throughout are from antique shops to give it a vintage feel throughout). I also like to have some artwork in each space in some way so I hung an oil painting of mine above the sink to give a touch of traditional vibes.


Other decorative pieces include our everyday appliances of mixed metals, hand towels and a wine rack to finish off that lived in, homey, cozy vibe. 


Our guest room is probably one of my favorite rooms.  First of all I knew I wanted to paint the room the same color that I had in my room in Nashville. It’s Alpine Trail from Behr and it’s probably my favorite room color I’ve ever had. It’s warm, cozy and feels so inviting when decorated with the right elements. The rug is probably one of the main things that makes the room in my opinion. I got it from Nashville Fine Rugs and if you’re in the market for a new rug those guys have some AMAZING pieces that will bring a space to life.


Keeping with the warm tones I brought in a dark espresso bedroom suit and my great great grandmothers chef robe. It’s probably one of my favorite heirlooms that I will ever own. 


I brought in lighter elements with bedding and curtains from Pottery Barn as well as a tartan throw blanket and Ralph Lauren plaid throw pillows. The wavily stripes in a natural wheat with white linen sheets brings light to the seemingly dark space. The natural light that comes through also brings an element of lightness during the day. At night I have added baseless lamp scones, also from Pottery Barn, with a light natural shade. 


I love the gentlemen’s vibe the room gives off so I wanted to continue that feel with some art pieces I did above the bed. All are mine except the middle piece. haha! I wish I was that talented. That element of nature brought into the room makes it feel very masculine and that’s exactly what I was going for. 


And finally is the master bedroom. This is probably one of my favorite rooms EVER. I knew I wanted to go darker in this room as well. Something about dark colors on walls in bedrooms just makes you want to snuggle up under a blanket. I knew since I was going with a dark slate gray color that bringing in bright elements was a MUST. For this room I wanted to incorporate natural woods with whites and neutral tones.


Side tables and dresser are my favorite bedroom pieces from Pottery Barn. Each side table is dressed with bright colored layered books, flowers and antique lamps from a local antique store here in Franklin. Since the room was so long I knew I wanted to have a little nook to put a chair and little table. Believe it or not I found this upholstered chair from Walmart as well as the area rug. I couldn’t believe the quality and coziness of this chair and the fact that they came from Walmart was blowing my mind. I dressed it up with a throw blanket and pillow, topped a little marble table with some lavender in an antique silver pitcher and some books. An original oil painting hangs over the chair to finish off the corner space. 


The bed I got from Wayfair as I heard really good reviews on it. I will say it was a booger to put together but after it was finished I liked it. I wasn’t so sure to begin with. Again, bringing in lighter tones I layered the bed with linens sheets, a neutral coverlet and duvet in a buffalo check pattern. I love pillows so I always dress my beds with Euro, regular and shamed pillows with some throw pillows in front to add contrast and depth. I always like to tie a piece of where we are living into a space to make it feel more special. 


I knew artwork in the space was going to be vital for adding height and lightness to the space so I made two art pieces to go over each bedside table and we framed and hung 2 black and white photos that Cameron took when we were in Charleston this past Summer. Adding elements of your life into a space will easily make it feel homey and cozy. 


Well I hope you guys enjoyed touring our new space. We have enjoyed putting everything together and living here so far and are nestling into this space nicely. 


Until next time…





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Kyle Boen

Kyle Boen, the name behind StayFoxx Studios, is a Franklin, Tennessee based artist, designer and tastemaker. Kyle began his career as a tastemaker back in 2017, when he started his lifestyle blog, StayFoxx. Kyle Boen, the name behind StayFoxx Studios, is a Franklin, Tennessee based artist, designer and tastemaker. Kyle began his career as a tastemaker back in 2017, when he started his lifestyle blog, StayFoxx.

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