Stop ‘Shoulding’ Yourself



June 23, 2020

What are some things that you tell yourself that you “should” be doing?

  • I should workout 7 days a week
  • I should declutter
  • I should not eat dessert
  • I should meditate
  • I should always look my best

I know for me I’ve ALWAYS told myself that I should be doing this or that and it usually happens because I see what other people are doing and I feel a little ‘less than’ when I see them on social media on tv or just life in general. There’s always this voice that sometimes creeps into my head that tells me I should be doing something to get that job, loose those extra pounds, live a more organized, balanced life. Before I started my partnership with @HaloTopCreamery the word “should” was relatively present in my vocabulary and quickly realized how much power the word had over me and my overall mental state.

Since starting my partnership with @HaloTopCreamery, I’ve almost completely eliminated that world from my vocabulary. I’ve learned that the word “should” can put a negative connotation in your everyday life and set unrealistic expectations causing us to feel defeated and more susceptible to depression. By simply changing our mindset from “I should be doing this” or “I should be doing that” to have a better life, you can put the power back in your lap by saying I ‘will’, ‘can’ or ‘want’. This helps to remove the anxiety and rules and puts YOU in control of when and how you hit your goals.

3 areas that I have been intentional about removing the word ‘should’ is my mental health, diet and organization.

Stop ‘shoulding’ my mental health

You may not know this but I suffer from anxiety and get really anxious sometimes. Cameron has to talk me down and it can sometimes take me a minute to calm my nerves. One thing that I have been saying I ‘will’ do rather than ‘should’ is meditating. Yep! I’ll be honest I used to not get or understand what the big deal with meditating was. As someone with anxiety you would think I would meditate everyday. Nope. It wasn’t until I started this partnership that I realized the power of it and how much it has relaxed me in certain situations where as before I would have felt the grip of anxiety on my body and mind.

Stop ‘Shoulding’ my diet

Diet is something that I’ve always been conscious about. Ever since I was little my brother was a stick and could eat anything and everything and not gain a pound. Me on the other hand could look at a piece of bread and gain 5 lbs. so weight is something I’ve always struggled with. It wasn’t until I got into the gym and learning about diet and fitness that I learned how intricate diet was in your overall well being. I focus on eating more proteins, lower carbs and more veggies. I also have a HUGE sweet tooth and if you’ve seen my cooking show on YouTube you know. haha. I often tell myself that I shouldn’t make that cake or dessert to avoid gaining weight. That being said I don’t want to feel guilty about enjoying a sweet treat now and then which is why I LOVE @HaloTopCreamery ice cream. This smooth and creamy treat is lower in calories and higher in protein which helps me stay in line with my fitness goals. They have a variety of treats to fit every diet and helps curb my sweet craving.

Stop ‘Shoulding’ my organization

I’m a neat freak and Cam can attest to this. I’m always picking up and cleaning something which often leads me to telling myself I should be more organized than I am. I HATE clutter so I’ve made it a goal of mine to de-clutter in our home. rather than something I should be doing I want to be more diligent about organization. I’ve started organizing little things like our dresser drawers to get me to that goal. We have so many clothes and often times items of clothing can get tossed and crammed in drawers so I’ve started taking the time to fold and organize. It’s felt great and is something I’m glad I’ve started implementing. I also feel that being more intentional about staying organized can help with anxiety so all in all it has been great for me.

I’m so happy that I’ve partnered with Halo Top Creamery with this campaign because it’s helped me focus more on myself and the things I want to change rather than what I think I should change. I urge you to stop ‘shoulding’ yourself and start implementing a mentality of I ‘will’ ‘can’ or ‘want’ when it comes to things you want out of life. You’ll be amazed at how one little change can make such a big difference.

Be sure and checkout Halo Top Creamery for some very tasty treats to enjoy and help you conquer your ‘shoulding’ habits.


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Kyle Boen

Kyle Boen, the name behind StayFoxx Studios, is a Franklin, Tennessee based artist, designer and tastemaker. Kyle began his career as a tastemaker back in 2017, when he started his lifestyle blog, StayFoxx. Kyle Boen, the name behind StayFoxx Studios, is a Franklin, Tennessee based artist, designer and tastemaker. Kyle began his career as a tastemaker back in 2017, when he started his lifestyle blog, StayFoxx.

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