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July 1, 2019


OMG! I’m so glad I get to finally sit down and share with you guys the trip Cameron and I just had in Bermuda. This was our first time to the island and boy did it not disappoint. I will say that it was probably one of my favorite vacations to date. 


We started out on a Thursday morning flight around 5:30am. We actually almost missed our flight becuase we missed the bag check in and were worried that we were going to have to buy tickets for another flight which would have been hell. Thankfully a wonderful woman with the airline said she could get our bags checked for us eliviating a near tragic moment. We boarded the plane and headed to New Jersey for our connecting flight to Bermuda. After a 2 1/2 hour flight we landed. The air was warm, the colors were bright and our excitement began to grow.


After getting through customs and grabbing our luggage, that safely made it, we headed to the shuttle area where we were greeted by a welcome smile and a sign that had my name on it for pick up. We loaded the car and headed to our destination. Upon arrival at the Hamilton Princess Hotel, we were greeted by the friendliest staff and whisked away to our Fairmont Gold suite on the 6th floor of the hotel. I always love the moment right before you enter your room. That nervous feeling of “Is this going to be what I think it is” comes over you. Well…let me tell you…this room was nothing short of spectacular. The oversized king bed had the brightest light cascading over it’s linen sheets from the balcony that overlooked the bay. Also waiting for us was fresh baked goods from the chef of the hotel and a note welcoming us and hoping we enjoy our stay. It was so nice of them and delicious too. 


We sat our stuff down and took in the view from the balcony for about 30 minutes and then headed down to explore and have a much needed drink after our long flight. We sipped cocktails overlooking the bay and planned out our next couple of days before heading back to our room to turn in for the night. Upon waking the next morning we took in the beautiful sunrise and took a silly photo in our bathrobes before heading to breakfast. We loaded up on sustenance and headed out. We wanted to get a twizzy which was a mini go cart that you could drive all over the 22 mile island but they were all booked. We were told that we could rent mopeds which we thought would be fun and exciting. After a quick lesson we headed out on our adventures. We drove all the way to one side of the island to Crystal Caves where we drank daquaris and drove past all the wonderful homes. HUGE homes…like MASSIVE. haha! after riding around for about 3 hours we wanted to go to the other side of the island and scout out where we might want to shoot some photos that evening and next day. Well about 20 minutes into our trek a car slammed on it’s breaks in front of me and I had to swerve to miss hitting it head on.


My moped went down and I scrapped the asphalt going about 30mph so you could imagine what my arms and legs looked like. The sweetest couple stopped to help me and drove me to the nearest hotel where I could get a first aid kit and get cleaned up. Cameron turned into Mr. mom and nursed me right up. He poured almost an entires bottle of peroxide on my wouds which honestly made me feel like I was going to pass out. I gritted my teeth and got through it and we had a taxi take us back to our hotel on the other side of the island. My accident was acutally a blessing in an asphalt disguise because our concierge was able to get us a twizzy car for the following day at no charge which was great. We headed up to our room where I took the most painful shower of my life. You never know how bad your wounds hurt until you have to rinse them under soap and water but it felt better after the pain subsided. 


We took a much needed nap and woke to the magical sunset over the harbor. We got ready and went down to the gold lounge where we feasted on appetizers and wine. Compliments of the hotel. After sitting for a while we headed down to one of the many resorts restaurants to take in some sustenance which included more alcohol. I deserved it after my spill on the road. We finished up dinner and walked over to one of the many firepits that were spaced throughout the hotel. Cam and I sat for a while and chatted about the day and my wounds and how amazed we were at how nice the people of Bermuda were. Literally everyone on the island was so nice. It was very refreshing to see and made me smile. 


The next day we woke up and ventured down to the lounge where we were greeted by warm smiles and a delicous warm buffet of breakfast goodness. We filled our bellies and headed back to the room where we got ready for the day. We took our twizzy to the Beach Club that was owned by the hotel and literally had the whole place to ourselves. We are early birds so we got there before anyone else did which was nice. Hammocks in the water, Lounge chairs with umbrellas overlooking the most beautiful blue ocean i’ve ever seen made for a wonderful morning. We headed back to the hotel after a few hours to change out of our bathing suits and into dryer clothes. We wanted to see what the town was like so we walked to the shops just down the street from our hotel to do a little shopping. It was great. All the buidlings were bright yellows and blues. I Felt like I was in a crayon box of colors and it warmed my heart to see. Life was bright and vibrant in Bermuda and I didn’t want to leave. 


After a little retail therapy we headed back to get ready for dinner becuase we had reservations at the resort restaurant Marcus in which we’ve heard great things about. Upon arrival to the restaurant we were greeted with warm smiles and an escort to our table. We sat down and ordered a round of cocktails to start with our waiter who was so sweet just like everyone else on the island had been. The restaurant treated us so well. They brought us at least 3 appetizers and the chef himself came to our table to introduce himself and his specialty spiced cornbread which was literally OUT.OF.THIS.WORLD. Honesty everything we had there was out of this world. Literally the BEST meal i’ve ever had in my life. The ambiance was perfect. The staff was perect. I could go on and on about this place but you’ll just have to try it for yourself. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed in the least bit. 


With full bellies we headed upstairs where we sat on our balcony overlooking the bay and just enjoyed being with each other in such a beautiful place. It’s funny because they say that you don’t really know someone until you travel with them. I can honestly say that Cameron and I travel so well together. I think the difference in our personalities helps balance each other out which is great. It definaitely makes me excited for future trips together. 


After sleeping off our enormous meal from the night before we woke up and headed down to the lounge where we sipped on numerous cups of coffee and a small bite to eat before heading out for the day. We went downstairs to our twizzy car and zipped off to the dockyards where the cruise ships had been parked to see the views there and explore. Immediately when we arrived it looked like it was about to pour rain. We saw a little ice cream shop so we decided to stop in for a quick, cool treat. As soon as we walked in the bottom dropped out of the sky. Perfect timing right?. We sat by a window overlooking the docks and it’s array of tourists moving about the landscape like ants. It was a sweet moment. I like little moments like that. Nothing amazing just being with the person I love in a little ice cream parlor watching the rain come down around us soaking everything it touched while we are high and dry in cute little shop. I’ve mentioned that I cherish moments so this was one of those that I deposited into my memory bank and fondly look back on with a smile. 


After a few hours of touring the dock yards we headed back to our twizzy and to the hotel. Upon arrival we quickly changed into our bathing suits and made way to the pool that overlooked the bay area. It was really nice and relaxing. We read pages from our books while we sipped on fruit cocktails and frozen drinks. It was so hot outside but in a good way. As a bead of sweat trickled down my cheeks the sweet taste of mango and strawberry brushed my lips and a cool southern breeze from the bay swept across my brow. It was heaven. We finished drinks and several chapters in our books and headed up to the room where we took a quick nap where Spongebob Squarepants lulled us to sleep in the background. Haha!


The sun was about to start setting which made up get a start to our evening. We jumped out of bed and got ready and ventured out into the island again. We knew we wanted to get some sunset shots so we headed to the other side of the island where we knew there were going to be some great shots. Boy did we get some good ones. We passed this sunflower patch on the way and immediately stopped. The light was hitting them so perfectly that I wanted to get right in the middle of them and I did. It was beautiful. Trekking on we made our way to the lighthouse that sat atop this winding hill. You could see the entire island of Bermuda from there. The view was so amazing and lush. I could have just sat there for hours overlooking the landscape that lay before me and take in its beauty forever. A little restaurant attached to the lighthouse was no help to my senses as it filled my head with scents of fried shirmp and oysters along with a hint of sea salt that filled the air. It was magical and I didn’t want to leave. It was probably one of my favorite spots on the island. 


Sunset started to disipate into darkness so we decided to head back to our hotel to get a little sustenance. It was our last night there so we dined and drank wine and cocktails while reminiscing about the trip and adventures we had together. Feeling stuffed we headed back to our room to start the dreaded packing process of clothes that had been strown about from our Bermuda trip. Shaking the sand out of our clothes we got packed up and enjoyed a movie in bed together before turning out the lights one last time. Upon awaking we were so tired and knew coffee was going to be our saving grace during our trip back to Nashville. We headed down to the gold lounge one last time where we drank at least a gallon of coffee and ate some eggs before heading out. Around 11:00am a car was waiting for us to escort us back to the airport where we would spend the next 11 1/2 hours making our way back home. We walked in the door of our little Franklin apartment around 10:30pm and took in a deep breath. I just love that feeling when you walk into your home from a long trip and you just get that cozy feeling that makes you want to say “Ahhh!”. It was such an amazing trip and I can’t wait to go back one day soon. 


If you are ever looking for a place to go for vacation you need to go to Bermuda. The people are amazingly friendly and the island is so beautiful. You also have to stay at the Hamilton Princess. Trust me…just do it. Your vacation experience will thank you. It’s generous staff and wonderful accomodations made for a memorible vacation that I won’t forget. I’m putting a link at the bottom for you to book your next stay. Get to planning! 


Cameron and I will be heading to Chareleston this coming Thursday to for the 4th of July so be sure and tune into our stories for that adventure. It will be my first time in Charleston so I’m pretty excited. 


Talk to you guys soon and thanks for following along on our journey. It was so much fun!








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Kyle Boen, the name behind StayFoxx Studios, is a Franklin, Tennessee based artist, designer and tastemaker. Kyle began his career as a tastemaker back in 2017, when he started his lifestyle blog, StayFoxx. Kyle Boen, the name behind StayFoxx Studios, is a Franklin, Tennessee based artist, designer and tastemaker. Kyle began his career as a tastemaker back in 2017, when he started his lifestyle blog, StayFoxx.

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